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Continued in part 2 , They were inside any number of small booths that had canvas curtain doors, She now new what the unusual smell permeating in the sawdust floor was,, She had fantasized and had routinely masturbated as a young girl with the thought of being kidnapped and sold into slavery to a Sheik of a middle eastern harem or to black African slave traders, that would sell a young white virgin like her for the most perverted and abusive sex to black native savages! Things her young mind could never imagine, but the thought of not knowing the details had only made the possibilities even more appealing!

Next she felt wide leather belts being placed around her wrists, elbow's, ankles thighs, waist,and neck she then felt her wrists being undone and re fastened and herself being bent over and placed onto a stand with her legs spread wide and her bare bottom sticking out in a very vulnerable and exposed way

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